Del-Bay Guide Service Trip Itinerary – We Specialize in Snow Goose Hunting

Waterfowl Trip Itinerary

Your guide will meet you at your motel at an assigned time. You will stop at a convenience store to pick up food and drink for your morning hunt. From there you will follow your guide to the farm. Everyone will help in setting up the decoy spread. Your guide will set you up on padded recliners (Longneck Hunters) or in the pit. The guide calls all the shots. At the end of the hunt, everyone helps picking up the decoys.

All hunts require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure a date.

Hunting Trip Suggestions

Shot Shell Size

# 1, BB or BBB for geese
# 1 or # 2 for large ducks, divers
# 3 or # 4 for teal, wood duck


10 or 12 gauge with improved cylinder are recommended.


Duck Hunts – plenty of warm clothing, waders and face mask or cream.
Snow Hunts – plenty of warm clothing, waders and white or camo face mask.


Delaware and Maryland licenses can be done online at the top of our “Links Page” and New Jersey licenses will be done manually by us. Feel free to call us with any questions at 302-383-9902


We no longer allow dogs for two reasons.

  1. Too many dogs almost getting shot from prone hunters angle of fire
  2. Visiblity – You cannot hide a large dog in a white spread where everything is totally exposed


We are fully insured but all hunters will sign a release prior to hunting.