Guided Waterfowl Hunts with Del-Bay Guide Service – We Specialize in Snow Goose Hunting

We Specialize in Snow Goose Hunting, Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting in Delaware & New Jersey

Del Bay Guide Service Inc. is a full time waterfowl guide service owned by Jerry Kucharski that offers Snow Goose Hunting, Canada Goose Hunting, Puddle Duck Hunting & Diving Duck Hunting in Delaware and New Jersey.

Del-Bay Guide Service Inc. specializes in Snow Goose Hunting,  spending 80-90 days a season hunting them. Successful Snow Goose hunting requires many hours of scouting with a large amount of money spent on blinds, decoys and leases. We scout for every party in 3 states covering 7 counties, sometimes driving 450 miles in a single day.  We are hunting 8 different concentrations of birds ranging from from 10,000 to 100,000 Snow Geese which helps produce quality hunting through out the season with no one area being over gunned.

All of our hunts are field hunts on leased farms that have been scouted the day before. e lease over 60 farms covering 8 counties in 2 states- Delaware and New Jersey. All hunts are from our custom made recliners. We mostly hunt over 1,000-1,200 GHG shells and fullbodies. If the field is really inaccessible or wet, we will hunt over 1000-1500 windsocks and Silosocks.

Delbay Guide Service puts in the time and effort to provide it’s customers with the finest Waterfowl Hunting experience available in Delaware and New Jersey.

Snow Goose Hunting

Centrally located between the huge tidal marshes of southern New Jersey and endless cornfields of Delaware winters close to 500,000 snow geese annually. Delaware is home to two major snow geese roosts- the 16,000 acre Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge (kent County) and the 9,900 acre Prime Hook Nationals Wildlife refuge. (Sussex County) Combined these refuges host over 400,000 snow geese each fall. Both refuges provide large fresh water impoundments and tidal marshes for snow geese. Learn More about our Snow Goose Hunts

New Jersey Duck Hunting

Our New Jersey duck hunting is both productive and convenient. All of our New Jersey duck hunting is on both ponds and impoundments – both non-tidal which means easy access. No more boat rides in the dark trying to walk through knee deep mud or having your gun and clothes covered in mud – all experienced when hunting tidal water. Learn More about our New Jersey Duck Hunts

We offer the following guided hunts:

  • Snow Goose Hunting in New Jersey and Delaware
  • Puddle Duck Hunting in New Jersey and Delaware
  • Diving Duck Hunting in New Jersey and Delaware
  • Canada Goose Hunting in New Jersey and Delaware

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Del Bay Guide Service
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