About Del-Bay Guide Service – Snow Goose Hunting in Delaware & New Jersey

front_picWe Specialize in Guided Snow Goose Hunting Trips

We are a full time guide service that specializes in Snow Geese starting in mid November through late March, spending up to 95 days a season hunting them.  Successful Snow Goose hunting requires many hours of scouting with large amount of money spent on blinds, decoys and leases.

We scout for every party in 2 states covering 7 counties, sometimes driving 450 miles in a single day.  We are hunting 8 different concentrations of birds ranging from from 10,000 to 100,000 Snow Geese which helps produce quality hunting through out the season with no one area being over gunned.

All of our hunts are field hunts on leased farms that have been scouted the day before. We lease over 70 farms covering 3 states- Delaware and New Jersey. All hunts are from our custom made recliners and our hunts are mostly hunt over Silosocks and full body decoys.